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As volunteers, our Board is here to serve you. Feel free to approach them with your thoughts or suggestions. You are also invited to attend Board meetings.
Lisa Berglund and Sam



Having loved and trained dogs much of my life, I'm a newcomer to the world of sheepherding. I competed in dog agility for many years with my golden retriever, Sugar, and border collie, Tai. Then one day, I was sitting on a grassy knoll at the Vashon Sheepdog Classic, when Patrick Shannahan and a dog named Riggs stepped to the post. It was like watching a cleverly choreographed dance. At that moment, I decided that with my next dog, I would learn the skills and develop a partnership to compete in this remarkable sport. Sam arrived a year later (a Riggs son), and we began our exciting journey. And now I'm continuing that adventure with my young dog, Amos. He’s such a special dog, and I’m excited about where our journey will lead. 

There are so many talented dogs and trainers in the PNW; I'm honored to be part of this community. I look forward to helping it grow and inspiring others to reach their goals.

Kelly Ware.jpeg

Kelly Ware

Vice Presdent

Sheep farmer, insurance agent, and Sheepdog enthusiast. I moved from Michigan to Nevada for work, I got my first Border collie as part of a hay deal and I was hooked. I've been trying to master handling ever since. Happy to be joining tge WASH board and hoping to offer some fun events at Broken Crook Farm.


Amanda Jones


I have participated in dog sports for as long as I can remember. I got my first Border Collie while competing in flyball and agility, and it seemed a natural extension to see if she had any aptitude for herding. One Border Collie somehow became four, and now I trial as often as I can with Shep and Dan. I feel fortunate to have regular access to great mentors and trainers in the area who have helped me on my journey to understand how to bring out the best in these amazing dogs, and more importantly, how to be a worthy partner. I am honored to be a WASH board member and look forward to serving and supporting the members.

Paul Murray



Around 1990, a little blue heeler who became Foster Meyer Weiner Butt was acquired through dubious circumstances. There was some girl that I met at college who had an Australian Shepherd. We thought that it would be interesting to take herding lessons and drove two hours each week to a well-respected trainer. We trialed in arena venues (AKC, ASCA, and AHBA) with many different breeds of dogs.


Then my daughter happened along and was expert at helping me bottle my own beer. Later, my son appeared and at 15 wanted to do open field trials with a border collie. We searched and found a nice dog named Mike who was a very good partner. I didn’t want to sit around and watch him, so I asked around and found a nice dog named Lexi, and we had some fun and some success.


After a few years training and trialing in the Northwest, I was asked to serve on the Board of Directors for WASH. My goal is to provide a positive and productive organization for you through communication and education and opportunity.

billie 2.jpeg



Ever since I got my first border collie in 1990, I’ve been fascinated by their ability to work sheep. There is nothing more fun to me than working dogs, watching others work dogs, talking about training sheepdogs, and watching great stockdog handlers run their dogs in trials. I’ve been very fortunate to learn from some of the best handlers in the world, and there’s nothing I would rather do. By day, I am a senior analyst for Engie, an energy and sustainability company based in Spokane, which required my move to Washington from California in 2019. I’ve trialed in Open, Nursery, and Pro Novice, and currently have a PN dog, Cap, and three older dogs. I look forward to helping WASH where I can.




I got my first border collie Lucy in 1989 from an agility breeder in North Carolina. It turned out that she preferred herding, using the A frame to spot livestock in adjacent fields.  Busy in vet school, herding practice was initially very intermittent, but I was hooked, and got a second border collie, Jeff, who became my enthusiastic trail running and biking partner.  A few years after moving to WA state I met Diane Pagel and acquired my first trial dog, Dan, followed by Kael, Cate, Max and most recently, Nutmeg, all amazing and fascinating.  WASH has always been a supportive and encouraging club and I look forward to helping it grow and continue to be a community of inspiration to herding people and dogs of all levels. 




I have had the privilege of participating in various dog sports over the years.  I was involved in conformation and obedience with my rough and smooth collies for many years. I belonged to the local Collie Club  and my mentor Bonnie Young decided we should all try herding with our dogs. I loved it! Working my dogs and seeing their natural instinct and how much they truly enjoyed it. A friend of mine gave me a border collie to work as she was not physically able to, and started me on the journey into the world of sheepdogs. The joy and peace found in a working relationship with your dog is sheer poetry. I look forward to serving on the board, thank you for the opportunity. 




My first exposure to a sheepdog trial was on a trip with a girlfriend to the 2006 National Sheepdog Finals in Klamath Falls. I was mesmerized by the dogs and their handlers and the Teamwork at those great distances!!  Like many sheep doggers, I spent much of my life competing with my horses. I grew up around TB horses, Dairy Cattle, and dogs (Mom's BC "Ginger" and my childhood BC cross "Butch", but other than dabbling in some agility with a rescue Lab (Jake), I hadn't competed in some years and not much with dogs. Early in 2008 I made the leap and got my first Border Collie, Moses. When Moses was about 6 months old I discovered  Fido's Farm in Olympia. Scott Glen was there, did an instinct lesson with him and I was hooked.

Jeff Marroni encouraged me to join WASH. Clubs like WASH are vital to supporting the sport, and contributing through membership, serving on the Board, mentoring and volunteerism give back to the community that welcomed me so warmly years ago. It's my honor to serve on the board and encourage our members and their dogs to have fun and move toward their goals! 

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