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Reflections from the World Trials

WASH member Lisa Berglund, shares her inspirations after traveling to the World Sheepdog Trials.



Been thinking a lot about my trip to the World Sheepdog Trials. Excelling to that level of competition in any sport takes desire, persistence, and a huge reservoir of mental resilience. Everything I learned over the past few weeks will help me become a better handler, and a better human. I hope it helps you too.

1) Never give up. Look forward, not back. 2) “When you want to get louder, get softer.” - Nigel Watkins 3) “Be humble and small with the sheep.” - Timothy Longton 4) Raise your own bar. Strive for accuracy and precision. (Inspired by Team USA & Team Canada) 5) “Every step is a step closer.” - Derek Fisher 6) “Don’t run before you walk.” - Nigel Watkins 7) Stay cool under pressure (learned from the "queen of cool”, Maggi Mcclure) 8) “There will always be disappointments, but you have to get on with it and try AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN!" - James McGee 9) “Be grateful for what you have.” - Ann Mock 10) Start. Just start.

Maggi McClure and Buster

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